Bal Krishn Birla
- Used to run a restaurant ( Potluck in South Bangalore )
- Crack PJs out of nowhere –
- Teach cooking to kids ( have done workshops in lot of corporates )
- CTO at Asklaila –
- Run a music group called Bhoole Bisre Geet aka BBG ( )
- Started eCommerce company called ZopNow focusing on daily needs vertical –
- Used to RJ at
- Blogs at -
He is prince of some unknown village. Coding is his religion.
An avid sports enthusiast, known for jumping around on the court. But then he can write truck loads of code.
Devi Anupoorna Singh
Devi has been kind to us and fed us food when we needed it most
Sai Gayathri
We beleive in child labour and she is the cute little kid who draws stuff for us. Gets paid in Chocolates.