Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How do I pronounce this?
This is pronounced as A Dal B Dal. Any other pronounciation is a punishable offence. We mean it. You have to read 10 PJs by our team if you pronounce it wrongly.
Q. What do you mean by "It ain't about the money, honey"? Are you kidding?
A. No we are not. We have been taught to evaluate everything in terms of money but we can change that for you. Let us see things in terms of value and we know that you can be smarter compared to others in terms of giving valuation to a product / service. And as far as kidding is concerned we are from a country where we have over 1 billion people. Obviously we love “kidding”.
Q. Why should I do this? I don’t make any money out of this.
A. Precisely. You have done enough things for money, haven’t you. Please understand what we intend to do is to create an eco-system of doing things which are good for us and our planet. We have been on an infinite spree of creating new products and jumping on to them as soon as they arrive. How about reusing some of the stuff you already have at your home. In our unscientific survey we have found out, as much as 30% of the things in your household are lying there just because you were lazy enough not to share them.
Q. So how does this work?
A. Elementary my dear Watson. You click a pic of what you have and fill in some simple info, write a beautiful story around it and you are done. People can see what you have uploaded and will offer products or services in exchange. You catch up with them and make the exchange happen.
Q. Have you launched in my city?
A. We are everywhere. Across the globe. New planets to launch are part of our plan. We are even planning to create a planet where money will be banned.
Q. Can I build an app on top of your data/service?
A. Sure. APIs coming up soon.
Q. How will you make money?
A. What is the big hurry.
Q. So so you think you can create a totally moneyless society?
A. We don’t think so and we are not even trying that. What we are trying to do is create an eco-system to reuse more of what we have instead of creating a cycle of depleting our resources. We do feel in the longer run we will create a worldwide culture of reuse.